Lithion Recycling Granted Patent for its Unique Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Process

Anjou, QC, November 24, 2020 – Lithion Recycling is pleased to announce that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office granted and issued a new patent (3,076,688) for its lithium-ion battery recycling process. This patent will allow Lithion to safely dismantle lithium-ion batteries and produce battery-grade materials through its innovative hydrometallurgy technology. This patent gives Lithion the exclusivity for the use of this invention for a period of twenty (20) years following its filing date. 

”This first patent demonstrates our ability to develop innovative technologies related to lithium-ion battery recycling and full circularity in battery manufacturing.” stated Benoit Couture, President and CEO of Lithion.  “We continue to build our intellectual property portfolio and have patent applications in other jurisdictions that are following their standard course. Our team continues to optimize our process in order to position ourselves for the commercial roll-out of our innovative and sustainable technology”. 

About Lithion Recycling: 

Lithion Recycling has developed an efficient and cost-effective process to recover strategic materials from end-of life and production waste of lithium-ion batteries. Lithion’s process allows up to 95% of battery components to be recovered and treated so that they can be reused by battery manufacturers, enabling to close the lifecycle in batteries. This technology accelerates the transition to green energy and helps meet decarbonization targets by reducing pressure on natural resource extraction. In 2023, Lithion is set to launch its first commercial recycling plant, drawing on data from a highly-successful Quebec industrial-scale pilot plant created in 2019. Its goal is worldwide deployment, through licensing agreements, with a target of 20 recycling plants.