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Join the Lithion revolution

A career at Lithion means rolling up your sleeves to reinvent the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.
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Building a greener future

Today, we need batteries to power our electric vehicles. That’s why taking the renewable energy path is necessary.

At Lithion, we dream of a better future for our children and know that it comes with significant challenges. That’s why we invest all our energy to allow the world to be powered by the greenest batteries available. But to get there, we need pioneers like you.

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We are genuine, forward-looking people

We are convinced that all ideas deserve to be heard. We like to think that there's no such thing as empty rhetoric here: we just talk to each other.

We wonder about the best ways to do things, and we encourage our colleagues to share all their ideas, big or small.

Clear and open communication allows everyone to contribute actively to our mission.

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Here, we don’t go around in circles!

We can promise you one thing: by working at Lithion, you won’t go around in circles.

We’re working in an unexplored field! We welcome your initiatives, your genius ideas and even your mistakes. Because sometimes trying means moving a step back to better move forward. And even if our mission is serious, you’ll see that we always take the time to laugh and have fun while we work. We promise.

Reinvent your career
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The Lithioneer experience

Our colleagues often say: "Here, teamwork is a real thing."

We’ll do our best to make your days with us as fulfilling as possible, thanks to good benefits and a beautiful corporate culture. At Lithion, we also take the time to have fun while staying focused on what is most important. Your sense of humour will be welcomed every day. 

Our colleagues will tell you: “Everyone is energetic, dynamic and motivated. When you arrive in an environment like this, it just makes you want to do more, too."

Discover our business sectors

To innovate, we believe rigid frameworks must be deconstructed. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to express yourself freely, demonstrate your expertise and quickly take your place on our team.

Rosine makes her vision come to life every day.

Ludovic works hard to build a better world.

Kevin builds the base for a growing business.

Frédéric builds and forges solid alliances.

Rokia learns, grows and makes an impact.

We take care of our people

When we think of benefits, we immediately think of holidays and medical insurance. And guess what? We offer you all this and so much more!

Some of the benefits we offer can’t be found elsewhere: feeling listened to and respected by your manager, developing yourself with tailor-made training, working in a "real" team... These are just a few of the benefits we’d like you to discover.

The benefits of being a Lithioneer

We offer you flexible work conditions and a range of benefits that are just as flexible.

Bonus for all

We play as a team; we win as a team. It’s part of our values. That’s why everyone is eligible for an annual bonus.

Flexible work

Work from home or the office, depending on your needs (and job).

Customized training

Keep growing. We reimburse specific tuition fees, offer continuous training, and cover your professional order membership fees. 

Taking time off is important

No need to wait a whole year to recharge your batteries! You can take vacations from day one. At Lithion, everyone gets at least three weeks off yearly (and more, depending on your experience).

Groovy Fridays

Enjoy your Friday afternoons off year-round. Use this time to do crossword puzzles, yoga, or relax with family and friends.

Holidays off

Spend more time with your loved ones during the festive season. You get six paid days off in addition to statutory holidays (and your annual vacation).

Generous RRSP

Make your retirement more peaceful with our great RRSP program. 

Telemedicine, support and health programs, and much more

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We offer Dialogue telemedicine service and support programs to save you the stress of finding the right professionals in times of need.

Physical health

Prioritize your health. We cover some of the costs of your physical activities, whether you are an amateur runner or a seasoned athlete!

Mental health

Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Our managers are compassionate and know how to lend an ear. Your mental health is just as important as your physical one.

Benefits to the community

Reducing the pressure on our precious planet and giving back to others is in our DNA. We set ourselves ambitious goals, and we EXCEED them!


We stay true to our words, which also goes for our sustainability engagement. Our ESG goals are ambitious, and taking part in the circular economy stimulates us. 


Each Lithioneer is given one paid day per year for volunteering. But that’s not all! We also share this enriching experience as a team. 

Donations and sponsorships

We want to recognize and encourage our colleagues who help their community. So, whether you are volunteering in an association, an organization, or a sporting event, we have funds set aside to support you!

Experience a unique work culture

Even more benefits

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A plant to give a second life to black mass

This new plant is at the cutting edge of technology, and we are proud of it.

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Offices where you feel good

Whether you work in Anjou or Saint-Bruno, you’ll feel the same work atmosphere. And if you have to go to the office, you might as well have a nice one!

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Hybrid work environment (or not!)

Choose to work from home or the office; we have what it takes to create authentic relationships in both places.

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A team that gets active!

Our social committee is as dynamic as its members and offers activities for all tastes and seasons.

Do you have what it takes?

At Lithion, our main driving force is our colleagues.

We all have our personalities. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether you are still in school or have a postdoctoral degree, what’s important is the energy with which you’ll come to work. 

We are looking for people who love puzzles and who like to imagine the best solutions. We are also looking for team members who understand that sometimes we might have to focus to get things done. In a nutshell, we are looking for the best colleagues!

Become a Lithioneer

A transparent hiring process

We know changing jobs is stressful, so we won’t keep anything from you. You can check out our hiring process here.


Discover our careers site and explore our jobs.

Get in touch

You'll receive a call from a specialist (Jean-Louis or Caméléon) depending on the position.

Meet us

Come and meet your future manager (1 or 2 interviews).

Visit us

Come and see your future office and our recycling plant.

Wait (just a bit)

Depending on the position, we have a few checks to do (takes about 1 week).

Receive your offer

We'll give you all the details (and time to think).

Become a Lithioneer!

Your first steps at Lithion

You’ll have all your gear from Day 1. Your manager will be there to greet you, you’ll be paired with a colleague, and you’ll have a well-defined onboarding plan. We have it all covered to give you the best possible onboarding experience.

Be expected!


Lunch with your colleagues


Follow a comprehensive training program


Meet your buddy


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Everything you read here is true

Come and help us make your world a better place. You sure won't be disappointed with benefits designed for you, an open and innovation-driven culture, benefits for your community, and a clear environmental impact. What are you waiting for? Come and start your adventure with us!

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