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Our recycled critical minerals and strategic materials are of the highest quality. It’s proven.
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Our recycled minerals and materials

Choosing our recycled products means reducing the environmental footprint of your production and making a positive impact for the future of all.

Lithion allows you to take part in circularity. Our cutting-edge technologies give you access to essential products for manufacturing new batteries of the highest quality. 

High-performance products

The performance of our products is comparable to that of raw materials subjected to the same processes. 

Infinite recycling

Critical minerals can be transformed and reused infinitely.

Clean technology

Our production impact is drastically lower than that of mining.

Reduced pressure

Infinite recycling reduces the demand for mining products.

black mass

Black mass: the Lithion difference

Black mass is a concentrate of critical minerals. 

Lithion’s high-performance process extracts 98% of the black mass contained in batteries, a rate unmatched on the market. 

We extract maximum value from batteries!

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Critical minerals and extraction products

Black mass, copper, aluminum and plastics: all ready for a new life. 

These products are available from our first mechanical extraction plant, Lithion Saint-Bruno.


Strategic materials: Lithion purity

The purity of the nickel, cobalt and lithium we extract is similar to that of minerals extracted from the ground subjected to the same processes. That’s battery-grade.

Battery-grade strategic materials

We produce graphite, lithium carbonate, and nickel and cobalt sulphates of a purity level essential to making lithium-ion batteries.

We also recycle industrial-grade graphite and manganese.

These vital products will be available as soon as our hydrometallurgy facility goes into operation in 2028 (estimated date).

Lithion Center of Excellence
laboratory analysis

Lithion Centre of Excellence

Our very own R&D centre

Our industrial scale up center

25+ professionals and scientists

Lithion’s technologies were fully elaborated, tested and perfected in our industrial-scale Centre of Excellence.

From the beginning, having our own state-of-the-art research team and facility was a matter of course to keep control of our technologies, have the flexibility to adapt them to technological evolution and confidently guarantee our results. 

Our Centre of Excellence is the source of our success.

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