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Lithium-ion battery

Recycle your batteries

Our lithium-ion battery recycling program is easy, fast and safe!
Recycle your batteries

Our lithium-ion battery recycling solution

Our turnkey lithium-ion battery recycling program really makes your life easier.

Are you a car dealer, recycler, fleet manager, or energy storage manager looking to dispose of your lithium-ion batteries? Collection, secure transport, and processing – Lithion takes care of everything.

Solution that pays-off

Did you know that being sustainable could pay off? That’s right, you could get paid to recycle your lithium-ion batteries! Send us an online request, and our customer service department will contact you with an offer.

Easy process

Your time is precious, so we made sure you could open your online account with just a few clicks. Once registered, you’ll have access to a dedicated portal to make quote requests simple and fast.

Fast collection

Storing end-of-life EV batteries poses a risk to your facilities. Fret not! Our qualified partners will collect your lithium-ion batteries quickly so you can free up valuable space and keep your premises safe.

Safe management

Managing end-of-life lithium-ion batteries is complex. With Lithion, your mind will be at rest as certified end-of-life battery management experts will support you every step of the way.

How it works

Our web portal allows you to submit a battery recycling request in just a few click and quickly receive a quote from our team.

Submit a request

Fill out a request on our web portal for us to pick up and recycle one or multiple batteries.

Get an offer

Upon receipt of your request, our team will make you an offer. Once you accept the offer, the team will schedule a pick-up time with a certified transporter.

Free up your space (it could pay off!)

Our certified partners will collect your lithium-ion batteries in a flash. You’ll get more space... and maybe even money!

Accepted battery types

Our lithium-ion battery recycling program only accept certain types of batteries. Check the list below to see if yours qualifies.

Lithium battery recycling program


Electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid car batteries

Lithium battery recycling program


Batteries from single-use or rechargeable electronic devices, cordless power tools, cell phones, computers, cameras, etc.

Lithium battery recycling program

Electric mobility

Batteries from electric mobility devices: electric bicycles, electric scooters, etc.

We do not accept lead-acid batteries from internal combustion engines or nickel-cadmium batteries.