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Taking action for our children

We’re doing everything in our power to follow our ESG commitments and leave a healthy planet for future generations.
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Circularity is key to a brighter future

We must stop the overexploitation of our resources.

The current energy transition is just another linear economic model. A new way of doing things is needed to turn the tide and prioritize the responsible use of our resources. This is where Lithion comes in! We solve this complex problem by taking tangible actions to protect the environment, people and society.

We’re proud of the far-reaching impact of our sustainable ESG commitments!

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The energy transition is unavoidable. Our expertise is vital.

Our innovative technologies generate strategic materials with a drastically lower environmental impact than mining.  

By stopping the over-use of natural resources to create lithium-ion batteries, we are making the energy transition sustainable. 

Lithion Technologies

Doing more with less

Our recycling process produces 72% less greenhouse gas emissions than mining extraction.

Our technology uses up to 96% less water than mining extraction.

Our team works to reuse all materials that enter our facilities from electrolytes to steel and plastics.

We recover 98% of the critical minerals from all processed materials!

The purity of our products makes it possible to reintroduce them into the lithium-ion battery production chain, reducing the pressure on our precious planet.

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Coherent through and through

Lithion’s approach goes beyond our recycling solutions. It also ensures a positive legacy for our planet, our communities, our partners and our colleagues. And to help us stay on track with our ESG commitments, we adopted a sustainable development policy.

Our efforts are also aligned with the 5 Principles underlying the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships.

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We put safety first

Our strict safety measures protect our colleagues and our facilities. Our experts rigorously analyze each process in our Centre of Excellence before implementing them in other facilities. 

Our ESG commitments

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are an integral part of Lithion. This is our ESG commitments. It’s only natural for us to define a sound strategic approach based on these factors for our operating activities. 


We put all the resources used in our industrial and office activities back into the loop. Think composting, recycling and smart energy usage!


We take care of the health and safety of our colleagues by implementing physical protection measures and providing extensive training. We also aim to be good corporate citizens by taking concrete and positive actions in the communities where we operate.


We have adopted a sustainable development policy, implemented by our ESG Committee. That Committee brings together experts from a variety of fields. It defines clear and ambitious objectives for each sphere of our activities, such as responsible purchasing and internal management practices.

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ESG commitments

Change the world with us

Building partnerships that benefit Lithion, the community and our planet is important to us. That’s why our business strategy is based on a strong code of ethics. 

Want to make a difference in the world with us?

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