We mean business

Our deployment goal: over 25 battery recycling plants worldwide by 2033.

Lithion brings to the market derisked and proven technology following extensive technological development at our industrial-scale demonstration plant, using the same technologies and equipment that will be used in our commercial plants and with thorough technical due diligence performed by 3rd parties.

Our deployment plans aim to meet the needs of the market and contribute to a sustainable energy transition.

Lithion Centre of Excellence :
key to Lithion's development and success.

Our team of dedicated world-class experts has developed our innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective technology in our industrial-scale centre of excellence.

Supported by cutting-edge analytical equipment and more, we have created and implemented the best processes through rigorous testing in a real-size environment, for safe operations, reliability in our equipment, and maximum confidence in our results.

Our technologies are continuously optimized to adapt to the ever-changing battery chemistries and the various needs of our partners, and return the most efficient processes for extraction and purification.

Lithion provides derisked solutions.

Lithion St-Bruno: our first commercial critical minerals extraction facility.

At this location, lithium-ion batteries and non-conforming products will be processed to produce our signature critical minerals concentrate composed of lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and graphite. This plant will have a capacity of processing over 15,000 tons per year of lithium-ion batteries, the equivalent of 45,000 electric vehicles! This facility will also serve as a training center for Lithion licensees and partners, to support the successful deployment of our joint efforts.

Construction of this plant in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, near Montreal, Canada, is well underway with commissioning set for fall 2023.

Lithion is excited to take roots in this community, creating meaningful jobs, and contributing to the economic vitality of the region.

What’s next
Our upcoming mineral extraction facilities will also be located near areas with high volume of electric cars to reduce the environmental and logistical costs associated with transporting the heavy lithium-ion batteries to our plants for processing.

Lithion Hydromet facility

This plant will process the critical minerals concentrate to produce battery-grade strategic materials.

With a planned capacity of 30,000 tons/year of critical minerals concentrate, this facility will be a key source of strategic materials for the battery industry.

Commissioning of this plant is set for 2026.

Next steps
Our hydromet facility, and the ones following it, will be located in battery valleys around the world, near other steps of the battery manufacturing process, for optimal efficiency of the supply chain.

A local solution with global impact

Lithion has great plans for facilities in North America, Europe, and Korea through strategic partenerships and licensing of our proprietary technologies, supported by our unparalleled knowledge and knowhow. We have adopted this business model to achieve our goals for a rapid deployment and a sustainable battery management globally. To learn more about how your organization could contribute to establishing the circularity of battery materials with us, reach out by visiting our Contact page.

Lithion's development is supported by several partners and investors,
including blue chip companies.

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