We take charge of the recovery of your EV batteries.

Innovation to make the energy transition truly sustainable

Developed by our experienced process engineers and chemists, our strategic materials extraction and purification technologies combine the novel use of existing processes with new operations designed for optimal results.

The outputs are battery-grade strategic materials that can be used by cell and battery manufacturers to produce new lithium-ion batteries.

Step 1: Mechanical extraction.
Battery packs are shredded to produce our signature hydromet-ready critical minerals concentrate, ie Black Mass. Our technology enables us to recuperate MORE THAN 98% of the minerals concentrate!
Step 2: Hydrometallurgy.
The critical minerals concentrate is processed through our patented hydrometallurgy technology to recover battery-grade lithium, cobalt, and nickel as well as graphite and manganese. We recover MORE THAN 95% of critical minerals of the batteries! The purity level of our strategic materials is unmatched!

Lithion's solutions deliver
key market demands

  • Production of strategic materials with our technologies has a drastically smaller environmental impact than mining extraction.
  • *GHG emissions reduced by over 75% vs mining.
    *Water usage dropped by more than 90% vs mining
  • Our deployment of strategically located facilities near high volume battery areas processes reduces the emissions associated with transportation of batteries.
  • Our internal team of experts continually evaluates new battery chemistries and market trends to provide always high-performing and relevant technologies.
  • Patented hydrometallurgy technology.
  • Battery-grade strategic materials produced.
  • 95% of battery components recuperated.
  • Battery-type agnostic – accepts all lithium-ion batteries.
  • All strategic materials preserved, unlike pyrometallurgy which burns valuable lithium.
  • Supported by Seneca Experts-Conseils, process engineering firm with 25+ years experience.
  • Maximum value extracted.
  • Derisked solution based on proven results at both steps of our process.
  • Complete solution: technology, equipment, and commercial strategy.
  • Optimized labour requirements through automation of operations.
  • Access to continuous R&D for adjustment to evolving battery technologies.

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