Pioneer in the development of fully circular Lithium-ion battery materials

Lithion was born out of the desire to do better.

Better technologies : Maximize the extraction of valuable materials found in spent batteries and components. A better approach: Lessen the environmental impact of electrification of transportation: a circular economy rather than a linear one. A better business model: Federates the strengths and know-how of all involved for optimal results.

Unique Process & Results

Our process is two-folds:
1. The mechanical extraction of the critical minerals concentrate from lithium-ion batteries in a plant located near a high concentration of electric cars.
2. The production of strategic battery-grade materials ready for re-integration into the battery supply chain from the concentrate using our patented hydrometallurgy technology.

Seneca Experts-Conseils: the force behind the development of Lithion’s technologies.

Our team works closely with our sister company, engineering-consulting firm Seneca, which has unparalleled know how in developing industrial transformation processes.

Their plans are tested and true before implementation, thanks to their extensive experience in metallurgical, chemical, and alternative energy industries, including critical materials of over 25 years.

Lithion’s technology expertise coupled with Seneca’s engineering DNA enables perfect customization and rapid response for an effective and optimized deployment.

Novel Deployment Plan

Our goal is the global deployment of our technologies through strategic partnerships and licensing, with a target of 25 plants by 2035.

Our mechanical separation facilities will be located where electric vehicles are in high-volume. This will minimize the related transportation cost and environmental impact of those heavy batteries.

Our hydrometallurgy facilities will be established in lithium-ion battery valleys, in proximity with other key industry players for efficiency.

We advocate a business model built on partnerships through licensing to maximize success of all involved.

An Incomparable Distinctive Team

Beyond its cutting edge technologies, Lithion is first and foremost a team of passionate people working together to make the energy transition trully sustainable for those after us.

What we do is serious and we have the expertise to tackle the challenges that come with aiming to change the world.

What we are is a high-energy team having lots of fun working together on the daily.